RFID-blocking Card Wallet (Wood) and Keychain Combo

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Product Overview


  • Compact RFID-blocking wallet, with aluminum construction and real wood outer case, packaged in stylish gift box with screwdriver and extra screws included.
  • Wood Keychain, engraved one side to match the wallet

With its RFID blocking technology, you can be assured that your credit cards, IDs, and other important information are protected from electronic pickpocketing and identity theft. The wallet is also designed to be compact and lightweight, allowing you to carry it in your front or back pocket without feeling bulky.

The wallet features a stylish money clip that is perfect for holding cash, receipts, and other small items. The clip is made from durable materials that can withstand wear and tear, ensuring that your money stays secure and organized.

The minimalist design of this wallet also makes it a great gift for both men and women. Its sleek and sophisticated look will complement any style, from casual to formal.

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