What is your lead time?

-We are currently shipping orders within 2-4 weeks after you place your order.  


Why don't orders ship immediately?

-We are a small family owned business that meticulously hand crafts each item individually.  From start to completion, the build process is time consuming with many stages required from the hand selection of prime wood specimens to final finishing and inspection.  In this, our production capacity for creating wood console inserts is very limited, yet we strive to meet our delivery commitments while maintaining the highest quality standards.


Can I get my company logo engraved on my set or on a wallet?

-Yes you can! Just select the "Custom Text or Logo" option when ordering. Once you place your order, we will begin working with you to get your company logo engraved on your order. We will send you an email with a mockup of what your set will look like before engraving it to ensure it's exactly what you want.


What color should I get my set stained in?

-The color choice is entirely up to you! We use real solid walnut wood, so each set will vary in wood grain density and natural color, making piece unique.  This also means that exact and perfect color matching of your vehicle trim is unlikely.  Realizing this, we recommend choosing a color tone that is complementary to the color scheme of your vehicle.  Some customers choose a color very close to their existing trim, while others choose one that picks up an accent color, such as a brown tone in the seats.  We recommend looking through our Customer Photos page to view colors other customers ordered their sets in. Our color choices in order of lightest to darkest are 112, 140, 150, and 260.


Are the sets waterproof?

-Yes, we coat every piece in your set with the finest, natural oils & waxes that bond molecularly within the surface of the wood, instead of sitting on top like traditional finishes.  This means no peeling, flaking, delaminating, chipping or unsightly scratches & cracks.  Our wood console insert sets will outlast your truck so long as you take care of them properly.


What are your console inserts made out of?

-We proudly make our console inserts out of solid, American grown dark walnut wood (not plywood or laminate). 


Is there a community page where I can talk to other customers and ask them questions?

-Yes there is! Please check out our Facebook group page.